Updated Facility Use Guidelines


People should stay at least 6’ apart to maintain social distancing.

No more than 4 people inside the pro shop allowed at one time.

Lounge area pro shops will be closed to prevent congregating.

Player should come to the facility no more than 10 minutes before the time expected to play.

Activities will always be in line with State, County and City Government’s advised social distancing measures (defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as keeping 6 feet apart), including when arriving at and departing from a court.

No congregating on the tennis court benches and outside the pro shop.


Employee at check-in counter to wear a mask at all times and will use hand sanitizer in between every transaction.

Wipe down all areas needed on a regular basis including door handles, tables, counters, chairs, light switches, gate handles on courts and latches, cash register, telephone, and office supplies and ball machine after each usage.

All score tenders will be removed from the courts.

Gates to the courts will remain unlocked.

Water fountains will be closed off.

All doors to the pro shop and bathrooms will remain open to avoid unnecessary contact.


Limit 4-6 players on the court at one time to include full social distancing.

Limit the amount of equipment on court. Only baskets and ball mower‘s will be permitted.

Players will not handle any of the coaching equipment or tennis balls. Coaches will pick up balls using ball mowers.

We encourage players to use their racquet/foot to push balls back and/or hit them to their opponent to avoid using hands and touching the balls.

Balls will be restricted to each pro and will be responsible for their own teaching basket.

Tennis equipment will be touched only by the pro/coach and should be clean frequently.

The pros will use a glove on their non-dominant hand.

Students are encouraged to wash their hands after their lesson or clinic.