Racquet Stringing Service

The conventional rule-of-thumb is to restring as often PER YEAR as you play per week but no less than twice per year. If you are a big-hitter or hit with a lot of spin you will need to string more often. Strings start to lose tension a soon as they are strung. Your racquet strings need to be changed at regular intervals otherwise they will lose their tension and resiliency. 

There is no single best tension, it is really just a matter of preference. If you have a history of shoulder or tennis elbow injuries, try stringing your racquet at the lower end of the recommended tension range and use a softer string like NXT, Sensation Plus or Synthetic Gut. The new polyesters are a poor choice if you have arm problems. 

BJK and El Dorado Park Tennis Center offer the convenience of our very popular 24-hour racquet restringing service. We use top-quality string products offerred by Wilson, Babalot, Luxilon, Gamma, Solinco and Natural Gut. If there is a special type of string that you would like, we can get it for you quickly. Our Restringing Service prices start at $19.95 and can go up to $59.95 for Natural Gut (prices include labor).

FYI – When you are selecting string for your racquet, follow the same approach as you did when researching and buying a new tennis racquet. Too many players spend days and weeks trying out new racquets and then spend 5-minutes selecting the string. Please take your time, review your choices. Ask Cathy or our professional staff about the appropriate string and proper guage and tension for your type of game and how it will affect your racquets performance, To get the most out of the racquet you own you need to do more than simply purchase the most expensive string!

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