Rent a Ball Machine

Rent Our “PLAYMATE” Brand Ball Machines

We have Playmate brand  ball machines at both facilities. These machines are the perfect and most reliable hitting partner for tuning up your forehand or backhand. They can hit the softest drop-shots or the fiercest deepest drives. They can hit with topspin or backspin. They can run you all over the court. Do you want to drill at the net, or do you want to run from sideline to sideline or simply hit from the baseline? What more could you ask for in a hitting partner? They have endless endurance and they never tire. When you really need to work on your ground strokes or volleys, play against one of our new ball machines by PLAYMATE. 

Reserve for $20.00/hour (includes court fee, ball mower and approximately 250+ balls.)


5-Hours – $90 (you save $10)
10-Hours – $155 (you save $45)
15-Hours – $220 (you save $80)

Unlimited Use for 5-months – $500

Please make reservations to use the ball machine. Call the pro shop for details!